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Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Okay I ran to the bank and Fashion Bug...I bought jeans I fit in. I can not take those tight ones anymore. Also to the grocery store. Now that was a nightmare. It was funny though...every where you looked someone was on their cell phone. Including me.

Okay it is snowing here. I knew we would have a white christmas. NOT a lot or anything to shovel. Just enought to let us know it is Christmas.

Dani- You know I have no problems sharing our snow. I will send it your way next.

LBH- have fun with the pie. I have to make B some of those Pilsbury cookies that Dani is making.

I am so excited to get going on the budget and WW. I know I am so silly. I have the correct balance in my checking account for once.

I still have to wrap my baby's present and his Dad called so he got to talk to him. So that made him happy

Take Care
Love you all!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

BFB- Will see you here on the 26th. And Congrads on that grade!!

Christmas s for all!!!
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