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Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

I am home baking cookies... Pillsbury made them... I am just baking them.
RR, sorry to hear about the dog. Glad everyone is ok.
How many of you are working today?
I am in for a Valentine's Day goal! Pryia, is that what stickie means? That you can post it at the top of the list? I wondered. Is that a moderator action? Very cool! I wondered why they weren't in post order but always stayed at the top.

I am done with Red and Green.

Elisa, sorry you are at work. Tis the time for splurging.

Pry, jealous of your snow! We had rain last night... not the same.

Lauren, I love new dishes! I never picked out my dishes. The china was given to me (and I do love it) by my aunt and the regular dishes was picked out and given to me by a friend when I got married. (we didn't register.. we eloped) So after 10 years I am starting to get my own (very expensive) everyday dishes.. throught Longaberger. They are very expensive but I love them and I'm getting them a little at a time. It makes me so happy! I hope FIL is ok and the procedure will go well. I'm home today.. not going away until after Christmas.

Going to go now. Still doing some laundry and still "baking" the cookies.

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