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Originally Posted by Glory87 View Post
Just makes me shiver. I'm so sensitive, I can't even stand tight pants in that area.
I thought the same. I thought about getting the piercing for at least a year. Finally I gave in and did it. It didn't hurt a bit. Getting my ear lobe hurt more. The guy goes do you wanna see it? And I was like, what your done? It was tender for a day or so but never really hurt. I couldn't believe it. It healed so fast and everything, it really is a 'dream' piercing in the sense of how much it doesnt hurt and how fast it healed. I thought everyone was joking but it was true.

It's also "my little secert" and makes me feel sexy knowing its there I love it, and if I could only keep one of my piercings - it would be that one! I think every girl needs one
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