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Hi ladies

Well, a busy week - on Thursday my daughter and I went to the Pleasure Beach, out local theme park, as they were selling unlimited ride wristbands at half price. It was raining so we got a bit wet but that's OK. And then on Saturday we went to the Sandcastle - a water play place with tons of slides and water rollercoasters, which was great fun.

And I looked at myself in the mirror and I could honestly say I was quite pleased with what I saw - still bulges around the tummy and upper thighs but mostly I was pleased. And I tell you what - there were a lot of women bigger than me, and some of them were even wearing bikinis. I do have a bikini - I bought my first ever one this summer but I am still too self-conscious of my crepe paper stretch marked tummy to actually wear it in public.

So my daughter was back to school today - in Year One!! And she started gymnastic classes this evening too, which she loved.[ All our family tend to be on the chubby side and, although she's not fat, she isn't skinny either so I thought if I can get her into something athletic now, it will stand her in good stead later on.

And - WONDERFUL news - I have almost lost the 6.5 pounds I put on during my holiday - all but 0.2 lb - which is nothing. before I went away I was 158.5 and this morning I was 158.7. So I was dancing this morning as you can imagine.

AND - as if that wasn't enough - I am being interviewed by our local paper. The paper has a women's pullout every Tuesday where they discuss girly stuff like diet and weight loss and fashion etc. I had a thought that we girls who are doing it ourselves, rather than belong to WW or SW or stuff like that, have it really hard as we have no support network at all. Even family anf frtiends get a bit sick of us going on all the time about our diet.

So I hit on the idea of forming a support group for DIY dieters. We'd do the usual stuff like weekly weigh-in but there wouldn't be a plan per se and it would be free (aside from a tea and coffee fund). Basically we'd just be a group of ladies getting together once a week for a natter and to swap recipes and tips and stuff and to help each other when things don't quite go according to plan. Anyway, spo i emeiled the editor of the pullout and told her my idea and she wants to run a story on it, to help me get the group started. So she's coming tomorrow - I've had to find a 'before' picture, which was horrible - I found a really nasty one:

And they sending a photographer to take a 'during' picture so I have to look all sexy.

Michelle - I like your idea of a September challenge - not sure what mine is yet, I'll have to think about that.

Shawn - YAY - congrats on the loss!! Tell me about having a messy house. I have been tidying today as my dd is back at school - and I have the reporter coming tomorrow - frantically trying to get into all the little crooks and nannies!

Tina - I'm exactly the same on having a poor summer weight loss wise. I put it down to not working and sleeping more - basically not burning up as many calories as before. Oh, and probably eating just a little too much ice cream! So, now school is starting again for me, I hope to see a steady downward trend. Mind you, I think we have both HAD a loss over summer, even if it's not as much as we might have liked, so, we're doing good kid!

Cheryl - Fantastic on being back to your pre-vacation weight - I'm right there with you!

Louie - I don't think I said hi to you before so, hi! Definitely do a ticker - it's the highlight of my day updating my ticker when I've had a loss. OK - does that make me just sound like I have a really sad life?

Kreen - congrats on your great loss! You will surely be out of the 230s by the end of September - you're almost there now!

Stacy - how is lap swimming different from just swimming across the pool? I am curious now. When I go swimming I just do lengths up and down and see how many I can do in half an hour. Is it with the whole turning somersaults at each end? I don't bother with that.

OK - sorry I haven't gone back through all 4 pages to reply but I do read all the posts I really do. Sorry if I missed anyone out!
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