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Just a quick check in...have been doing laundry/napping/cleaning-in that order, pretty much all weekend! The weather is in the low 70's, the humidity is down, and I am finally feeling so much better!!!!! Come on fall...woo hoo!!!

I had an idea for a September challenge-for anyone that is about if, during the month of September, we each try and do a little something extra to help us move towards our goals. Maybe do 5 min more of exercise a day, or park further and walk more, or replace a habit with a better one??? I guess the sky's the limit, but the important thing is to do something small just as an extra...just an extra kick-start into fall!!!

My thing will be taking a 10 min walk around campus each day-there are renovations going on at our Chapel, and this will allow me to get out of my office for a break, and see what's happening/watch the progress...also, I am going to limit myself to no more than 3 cans of Diet Coke a day-I've been loading up on water the past few days, and I feel so much better...I can't go cold turkey on the Diet Coke, but I usually drink twice that, so 3 cans a day is the new limit!!! to put all the laundry away...<groan...>

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