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Default Anyone care to share piercings?

I know this probably isn't the right area, but I tend to spend more time here
Anyone have piercings? Or hope to get piercings? I know I've read that a good many of us plan to get our navels done at or near goal. This is one I'm looking forward to! I hope to be able to have it around the New Year!

I've retired an eyebrow due to work policies/husband not liking it. I miss it, but you gotta give sometimes! It was my choice in the end.

I'm headed this Thursday to get both nips done Spur of the moment sorta. I've always said I'd never get it done, but the piercing bug has bit me and I'm chompin at the bit to get it done! Wish I could speed payday up a bit..hehe.

I've had my tragus done for almost a year. Cartiledge piercings usually take forever to heal, but this one has been SOOOO easy to heal! After the initial piercing and about 2 days of tenderness it hasn't given me a bit of trouble. I'm so glad I did some research and found out that using the LITHA method (leave it the **** alone) works wonders!

Another cartiledge piercing, done with a gun (bad, evil things!) has been in for about 4 or 5 years and still gets angry. I just refuse to take it

Finally, I have a VCH. I don't want to explain it, but you can google it! I'm not embarrassed of it, just not sure how much I can explain about Below the belt, if that tells ya anything!

Anyone else want to share their list? Oh yeah! I have 3 standard lobe piercings in each ear that haven't seen jewelry in over a year or 2. They don't interest

I love to hear of other's piercings!

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