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Evening Ladies...As you can see I never made it back here yesterday, the weekend is busier than I thought it would be. My friend came over yesterday and I'm teaching her to quilt, so we spent yesterday cutting her fabric. It's a typical Labor Day Weekend for North Dakota. Haven't had anything but rain and cooler temps since Friday. Today was very nice and I hope we have the same tomorrow, so we can get the yard mowed. I'm still doing great following the core plan, haven't been hungry between meals.

Ryanmi...Thank you for sharing your first week of College students. I had a very good laugh. Loved all your "What to do to Bimbo" ideas. The hot sauce was a good one!!!

Stacy...Great job getting some fun exercising in with the kids. How many Bimbo balls did you hit?

Shawn...Sounds like you had a busy weekend and you did excellent food wise. Glad you are feeling better.

Erin...Hubby is about the same. He is doing repeated motion exercises. No to MRI and leg symptons. He does have three more days of thearpy this week
and I hope that does the trick. My hubby is a Correction Officer, so he is on his feet all day. No, I still have one more pound to get down to pre-vacation weight, but I'm probably all ready there, but I told Robbin I wouldn't weigh till Saturday. It's taken everything I've got not to step on the scale this morning.

Louie...I'm up for a challenge. I need to get my rear in gear and get back to regular exercise, so I will do some sort of exercise five days a week.

Michelle...Glad you dropped by to say Hello, miss you! How is your mother doing?

Tina...I'm with Ryanmi, my idea of camping is a nice hotel with room service. Hope you have a great time and get lots of hiking in.

Kreen...Congrats on 2.3 lbs for the week. Way to go!!!

Getting late chickies, so I'm off to dreamland.

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