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Hope you all are having a good weekend. I am loving 3 days off. Spent some quality time exercising with the kids. They didnt even know it was exercise. We raced swimming laps in my fathers pool yesterday while he was out of town. My son had the job of babysitting my dads talk about spoiled. Then today i took the kids to the batting cages. Batting cages are pricey but a good way to release some frustrations. I had bimbo's face plastered on all the balls i hit, ha ha. Swimming laps was hard. My legs were dying after just a lap. DH had to teach me how to do lap swimming. I am a good swimmer and all but apparently lap swimming is different than just swimming across the pool. ha ha

CHeryl- WTG on the weight loss WOW that is impressive. Your poor hubby. I have done that exact same thing before...nothing worked but giving my body time to relax and the medication worked better than any of the analgesics.

Elem-Oh my gosh. I know what you mean about being too type A for the scale to vary that much. And i cant weigh only once a week too...i have to do it AT LEAST once a day. But that is more addictive personality than type A for me. ha ha.

Ryanmi-Your students sound hilarous. I was a teacher at a college and boy, they keep you on your toes huh? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hot sauce idea. I have never heard of that, i am just grinning like a cheshire cat right now. cant wait til tuesday back at the office.
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