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Good Morning All...

Well, the semester is finally underway, and things in my neck of the woods are getting back to normal-whatever that is!!! As with every year, I have stories I could tell...some people just floor me. I had one girl want to pay "a little somthin' towards my bill every week-you know, kinda like a motel?" (it took everything I had to keep it together) ...a family that was very concerned about whether our residence halls provided toilet paper-and the quality of said paper (we do-standard two-ply for those interested...) and yesterday I had an irritating student that continually chewed on and flipped a toothpick around in his mouth the entire time he was trying to discuss his quite large very delinquent bill with me...after the second time of asking him to please take it out of his mouth, because I couldn't understand him, I stuck my hand out, made him spit it out in my hand and then I threw it away! The best? When he left, he actually went to my garbage to try and retrieve it, explaining to me that my garbage was "fresh"! OMG...

But grandma is still hanging on, for those that have asked and wondered (thank you for the thoughts). What for, I have no idea , but hopefully soon her suffering will be over...

Get this-I have been wanting a recumbent exercise bike for a couple of years a week or so, I bought one and had it shipped here. It arrived Wednesday evening, and I was so excited. I figured it couldn't be that hard to put together, and there are only a few big pieces, so I took everything out of the box, and started to read the instructions, and...NO SCREWS!!! There are supposed to be about 36 screws for it...I got 4! I tore everything apart thinking they had to be somewhere, but no luck! this thing is sitting unassembled in my living room while I wait for the screw-pack to arrive. My luck!

Robbin, count me in on the Saturday weigh. Same as Cheryl though, I have to have the office weigh on Wednesday, so I'll just keep it to myself until Saturday! This will be a good way to kick-start into gear again...over the past couple of weeks I've slacked a bit-maintained though, but ordering lunches/dinners with being so busy...i'm ready to be back on plan!

Erin, sounds like you are rockin' and rollin' regardless of what the scale says...way to go!!!

Cheryl, Hope your husband's back is feeling a bit better-back pain is the worst! And congrats on the losing...that vacation weight surely is long gone and then some...

Louie, I'll do a Halloween challenge-as long as I don't have to dress up...I HATE Halloween! Hope things are getting back to normal for you as well...

Tina, Hope the camping is a fun weekend! I have never, ever camped, nor do I intend idea of camping is Holiday Inn!!! Keep us posted on your daughter's starting school-my niece just started first grade. She is a bit concerned because ahe has not gotten any homework yet-I can't stop laughing!!!

Shyla, Sounds like you will have a house full-it also sounds like you're doing awesome on plan...keep it up girl-and BTW, thanks for the MySpace add!

Michelle!!! Good to see you popped in-how are things with your Mom going??

Get'n Healthy, welcome!!! I've been reading your plight with the "bimbette" and I have two words for sauce. A few drops in the center of the seat of her chair (assuming it's apolstered) will ensure she is "uncomfortable" and running for the restroom all day could get one of those cardboard air-freshners that hang in cars, (cheap ones that smell really bad??) and tape it flat against the underside of her desk where no one could see...just stink her out! The laxitave brownies are good too, but God Forbid anyone else get a hold of one...

Tammy and Kreen, welcome to you both as well...looking forward to getting to know you both! this post long enough? yes, I believe to laundry, chores, and napping!!! Thank God for the three-day weekend! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Missed you Gals-
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