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I tried the snack bars and to me they were not good but a friend likes them.

From what i know maintenance is HMR's downfall. Seems people do well on the program but transition to regular eating is hard and the weight comes back on. I just met a girl who did the hospital program for the second time at huge expense but is now having trouble keeping it off.

I am still trying to figure out why the shakes are so expensive. How different could they be in nutrition from off the shelf shakes?

I asked them if the had a DVD that walks you through everything including transition to regular food and they do not at this time.

They have a complete 3 week at home kit with frozen dinners and shakes that is around $300.00. When I questioned the price,I was told that is not more than the average person spends now on food. Well,not at my house. Of course, we do not go out to fancy places or even fast food for that matter so I guess we spend below average.

I would like to try it but am struggling with the cost.

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