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Evening ladies!!! Well started this reply yesterday and am just now getting around to finishing it! SO some of the replies will cover several things!

Robbin - I am going to give you a half-hearted yes on the challenge, my husband has surgery this week and i am expecting high stress not to mention a routine totally gone to pot, but i need to get back to my ticker and below and fast! I am going to do my best! You are doing awesome with all the walking, i am sure you will see results soon!

Louie - Okay not quite a fly by this time!! Challenge for halloween, hmm let me think on that one, i need to have a good goal to work for and today is 9/1 so i may join up a little late, if that is okay!

Stacy - WHOOOHOOOO on exercising your way through an incredibly stressful event, wow, i can't imagine the emotional rollercoaster you are riding right now! Hopefully bimbo will begin to see the light soon or she will see the cleavage i guess would be a better way to put it! As for the hot tea thing yes i actually have a "weight loss" tea from celestial seasonings that is really good. Got it at a health food store. It does seem to get me through the hump sometimes. I haven't had any lately, will have to break that out again! My scale was varying as much as 10 pounds in one weighing session, needless to say tossed it and got a new one, i am just too type A to deal with that one! OH almost forgot, great job on the 1.8!!

Jtammy - I hate you are fighting the scale crazies too, i did the same spot on the floor technique and still got all over the place needless to say it is in the garbage now and i am much happier! I had heard that about manufacturers changing the actual size of clothes but found it so depressing i refused to believe it. Oh well, maybe it will work to my favor since i am trying to get in a 14 by december 29th and am at a 18-20 right now!

Michelle1964 - hey girlie, so glad to see you come by! Hope all is well with you! Stop by again soon and fill us in on how things are going!

Kreen - hope the scales are kind to you and your hard work pays off!

Shawn - I hope the entertaining is fun for you, i know the clean thing! I can make myself nuts trying to clean the house for family!

Tina - sorry you didn't get to walk yesterday! Take advantage of the camping and do lots of walking and bike riding. We may actually end up doing some of the same thigns this weekend. Mother in law is camping about 4 miles from my house, so i can leave kids and get a little me time without feeling too guilty. Plus its a really nice campground and i like hanging out there.

Well ladies, i have to say i have been a little scale obsessed since i now have one that weighs me accurately and checked where i was tonight compared to this morning and i was down .4 and that was shortly after eating dinner! So i am hoping when i weigh in the morning i will be at least back to the 238.8 i was when i started on the new scale. I up to 18 min on the elliptical and still trying to do the pilates DVD so feel like the scale should start cooperating pretty soon here. I am just too scale obsessed to not weigh until next saturday but i am really considering doing every other day for the week. Also i am making lasagna to satisfy a craving i have been having for a while. I make it without a recipe and put lots of cheese in it. I am having salad with it and will skip the bread i am making with it but this is my opening of college football treat. Alabama plays at 6:00 and i invited my MIL and BIL to come watch. We are trying to hook the BIL up with a girl we go to church with and this may be a good chance to get them together. I plan on only having a real small portion and then getting rid of the rest so lets see if i can keep with it! So is the challenge on???? i am having a hard time coming up with the 1 week goal, like i said it may just be only weighing every other day this week. or maybe to do 20 min or 3 miles on the elliptical 2 times by the end of the week. HMMMM, what are ya'll gonna do?

Well bed time for me, getting sleepy! Been a long time since 4am! Hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend and will check in later.
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