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Hey gals, Good scale news. I am down 1.8 this week. I was REALLY nervous about this week. I have done well all week but the scale didnt reflect that til this morning and with all the stress, i just didnt know what to expect.

I also have a couple of NSV. I have a shirt that i wear over a sleeve less shirt, it has always fit UNbuttoned, but never been able to button around my hips/bottom of my gut (my widest area). This morning i put it on and IT BUTTONED and it wasnt even a tight button. WOOOHOOO. Then a lady at work that i dont even talk to much told me should could really tell i was losing weight. Its great to hear it from people who know your losing weight but when someone tells you that doesnt even know your trying...that is an awesome feeling.

I wanted to thank all of you for helping me deal with bimbo all week. I know it is a bit off topic but i am SO reactionary. Usually i would have been knee deep in icecream and chocolate right now, i chose a different tack this time around with exercising instead of eating. Thank you all so much for your guidance and support. The soga still continues with bimbo but at least i feel i have learned how to react a different way that i did in the past. Boy, the stress sure gave my elliptical some abuse this week.

Tammy-I do the same thing with my scale at home. It will vary by up to 4 pounds. I dont know if it is how i stand on it or the floor but geeze, it can sure make you want to pull your hair out. I weighed 3 times this morning, ranging from losing 2 pounds to even gaining 2 pounds. I went and paced around the house wondering what to do. THen i decided, okay, the next weight is what i am going with. So luckily it was the exact same weight as the first time i weighed. So i went with that one. I dont know what WWW stands for either but i think you are right about it being something water weight.

Michelle-Hello. This is a great group. Look forward to losing weight with you.

Shyla-Hope you have a good visit with your family. And try to stay strong during the visit. I know when my inlaws come to town, its lots of treats for the kids and going out to eat with the family. Temptation is hard for me at a resturant.

Tina-Camping for me can be VERY good or VERY bad. Smores=bad. Lots of hiking=good. I have been thinking of taking the kids and hubby to a cabin on the lake instead of camping. I think if i can stay away from the camp fire, i can do without the smores while still getting to enjoy nature. I am just not strong enough yet to say no to smores when i KNOW my kids would make 500 of them.

Everybody buckle down and think healthy for the weekend. THis is my hardest part of the week...especially with a cookout day on monday.
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