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Wow, it's great to see this place so active! I had a pretty good day not much to report. Sadly I didn't make it out to walk morning or evening, it has been wet. But I will be catching up tomorrow. I want to stay as close to "on project" as I can. Seeing that this weekend is the last long weekend before school officially starts I think I'm going to join up with my sister and go camping. And camping for me can be a disaster area! As long as I can keep focus I think I'll pull through.

Erin, at least the scale at least a little cooperating this morning and I'm sure you'll have it fully functioning to the numbers you want it to display as soon as that WWW jumps off your back. I love fitting back into some old clothes that were outgrown...puts everything into perspective of why we're doing this. Good for you! I know that had to feel amazing.

Robbin, you can count me in for that week challenge. It'll get my butt back in gear to start this whole thing back in motion. Especially after camping I may need it! The whole not weighing for a week could prove to be a little difficult for me. ((biting finger nails))

Louie, I have to wonder lately what I'm capable of since I've been staring at the same #'s on the scale for months. I'm the only one to blame for that and time to make myself accountable. Be interesting to see what others may set, I'll think about it and make a new ticker next week.

Stacy, wow..this bimbo is really causing some havoc on you. It's a good thing that you're able to work that stress out in exercise. Such a good thing! As hard as it may be to realize as least she's giving you something outta all this, some kick butt exercise sessions. With regards to the tea I found it helped me eliminate a lot of "water", if you catch my drift!

Tammy, I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out lately. My daughter talks about health and exercise as if it's a normal part of living now. LOL! She even takes part sometimes when I do my biggest loser workout dvd...lets just say she's better at the jumping jacks than I am! LOL! Hope you were able to fit that walk in this evening.

Hi Michelle! Glad you stopped by, don't be a stranger!

Kreen, it's nice to know that you feel comfortable enough here to call it your anchor thread. I'm glad you're finding what you need. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to have a good weigh in tomorrow...good luck!

Have a great night ladies, I'll see you tomorrow!


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