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Morning all,

A quick question to anyone - What is www - I guess something water weight, but I wanted to be sure.

Shyla, I'm glad you're feeling better today. Oh I love krispy kremes. I know I shouldn't say that on a weight loss board but I do. Of course, I haven't had any for at least a year, so maybe I'll someday find out I don't like them anymore. That's a BIG NSV. Geocaching is fun. I'm glad you found some in your area. You might also be interested in letterboxing It's similar to geocaching, except you don't need the GPS to do it. It's an old fashioned treaure hunt. There aren't a lot in Mississippi but when we travel we find lots in other areas. DH had knee surgery the end of July and he's not able to walk without his crutches yet, so we haven't been able to go lately. When he's fully healed I can't wait to start back.

Stacy, I do better not having food in the house also. In fact, DD was supposed to keep the trail mix in her room (hidden), and somehow it ended up in the living room, and well, you know the rest. I don't think it was too extraordinarily bad. The main ingredient is wheat chex cereal (it's a homemade thing) and although the cereal has more sugar than I would normally eat, it isn't off the charts. LOL at your hot wings comment. I don't want to see co-workers showing their boobs. Yuck. We don't have fall weather exactly, but this morning it was in the 60s. The high today is only in the 80s, so we are enjoying a little cool front. Hope you're getting some of it. Edited because I just read your new post. OMG, I'm glad you're back in the game again at work. Wow, this woman sounds like poison. Good for you for not letting the stress make you binge and for working out your frustration on the elliptical.

Welcome Kreen. I'm new to this thread also, but I know I'll enjoy being here. Everyone is so friendly.

Cheryl, Sorry that the weigh-in wasn't what you wanted to see. I don't change my ticker either when it goes up, because I know in a few days it will drop back down again, just like yours will. I weigh everyday so I'd have to change it everyday, since my weight fluctuates from day to day. I'm looking forward to the long weekend also.

Tina, It's great to hear you talk about how you're in a different part of your life now, being more active with your daughter and enjoying healthy foods. I regret that my kids are now almost teenagers and i wasn't as active a Mom with them as I should have been. But that's in the past and I can't change it. I am changing the present and the future. Good for you for doing that while you daughter is younger.

Hi Erin, My scales are the "weigh five times and take an average" also. I think the problem is more my bathroom floor than the scales. My floor isn't level and depending where I put the scale, it reads differently. So I have to remember to line it up with this particular tile to be consistent. I've read about how clothing manufacturers keep making clothing bigger and putting a smaller label on it (vanity sizing) now, and it sounds like you have the proof in your hands. Isn't it a nice feeling to able to get into smaller clothing!!

Robbin, Just continue to keep ignoring the cup cakes. That german chocolate icing is evil It's great that you're squeezing the walking in during football practice. I'll join you on the challenge. I've been pretty good lately, but there is always room for improvement, and the long weekend needs extra vigilance to stay on plan.

Hi Louie, I'm thinking about what I could do for Halloween challenge. I'll come up with something. I'll have a couple of weeks of travel in October where I won't have a lot of food choices, so I may do a number of minutes exercise challenge.

Nothing new or exciting to post. I stayed up too late last night watching Project Runway, so I didn't get up in time to exercise this morning. DS doesn't have band practice today, so he said he would go and walk (well he runs and I walk) after supper tonight. The weather is beautiful today. High eighties, low humidity and it's supposed to stay this way through the weekend. Yayyyy!Have a great day!

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