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Good morning ladies. Hope you all had a good night. Mine was full of stress and tears. It is going to be a death match between me and bimbo. By the end of the day i had been told i was being laid off. I love to lose MY office to someone thinner and i need therapy. So i cried and cried, thinking she would watch me pack up and just be chomping at the bit to get MY office. Well this morning, apparently the VP had a talk with the head honcho...i dont know what was said, but i am back in the game again. So we are neck and neck, Stacy-1, Bimbo-0. And i didnt even binge, despite the stress, i exercised through it all.

Cheryl-That sucks you are up 2 pounds but that just makes for a REALLY good week next week. Usually when i am a couple up i end up losing 4 lbs the next is just hard to deal with that one week of being up. I will probably have the same problem tomorrow morning at my weekly weigh in and like you, i already decided i was NOT going to move that darn ticker...cause like you said, it sure wont be at that weight long. Oh and about Bimbo- the office manager pulled her aside to discuss her attire and she actually went to the head boss and cried saying that office manager had really hurt her feelings. She didnt know her shirt was cut that low. So of course, head boss thinks with the wrong head and took bimbos side and office manager got chewed out for making "new girl feel unwelcome". Whatever. Just for the record, she wore an equally low shirt the following day as well. Should we all chip in and buy her a mirror so she can see just how low that shirt is?

Shyla-So glad to hear you are feeilng better.

Tina-My poor ellipitical caught torment yesterday. ALL that frustration and anger came out through exercise, not eating. HOORAY for me. I pumped my resistence way up and i was going to town on that thing, like the wicked witch of the west on her bicycle. We have a small office, so we have never really had a need for an official dress code. Our boss is KNOWN for getting priorities of cute chic versus business confused though. He is the stuff sitcoms are made of.

Elem-I am hoping chic does get bit on the butt she likes to flaunt to much. OOOHH i cant stand her. Very good way of putting it.

Robin-OH MY GOSH. I LOVE your attitude and idea...the laxitives are PERFECT. Well she applied at Hooters, so stripper is close. She is for sales, so i keep wanting to say, "Honey, why do you dress like you sell hot wings, when we clearly sell phone systems." ALso, i love your everybody weigh in on saturday idea. Count me in.

Louie-i am up for a halloween challenge.

Do you all ever drink hot tea? I have been drinking it alot lately cause the warmth of it makes me feel full longer and i heard it is good for weight loss. It seems like whenever i drink the hot tea i do lose weight faster and my stomach just feel better. Just wondering if anyone has noticed tea helping.
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