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Morning glories!!! Well the scale is back down from 241.0 to 239.4 this morning, still not quite to the first day on the new scale but getting there. I have decided to stop taking one of the supplements i was taking and see if that makes a difference, seems like things started going down hill shortly after i added that. Have to say though, new scale has shown no signs of possession , and what a good feeling that is to be able to get on the scale and say "that is what i weigh" not "let me average the next 5 times and guess at where i really am!"!! Spent some time trying on some clothes here at home and a couple at walmart last night and the size range of a 20 garment amazes me. Came across some skirts and stuff from the late 80's and early 90's and an 18 held to an 18 bought in the last few years, whew what difference!!! Seemed like about two inches smaller at the waist 20 years ago! just doesn't seem fair, whatever happened to consistency! Anyway, got on some things i have not been able to wear in years and that was nice.

Shawn - Glad to hear you are feeling better and a huge wooohoooo on the passing up krispy kreme's that is a tremendous accomplishment!!!! just think with attitude like that and starting back on your exercise you will be moving that ticker down soon!!!

Cheryl - I missed what is going on with hubby somehow, what kind of therapy, you know as a PT myself i have to be nosey!

Jtammy - how cool we will both tbe 40 this year and will both be working for the same thing. As the days tick by and my body seems to be possessed it looks harder and harder to do it by the 29th but we are going to keep working like there is no other option!!! Glad to hear you and hubby are on the mend, marriage is hard work!!!!

Robbin - I don't know how you keep up with the schedule you have girl, it wears me out jsut reading it!! I know what you mean about adding music, i have an MP3 player i need to take it to the elliptical with me the next time! Good job on the walking by the way, multitasking can do wonders for you! I am feeling your pain on the WWW and if you figure out a way to get rid of it let me know!!!!

Stacy - I agree totally with the eliminate the word diet theory, just gets you into too much trouble! In order to be successful at this long term we really do need to make a LIFESTYLE change, but when life is what got you here in the first place it is really hard! I worry about loose skin too and have surgery planned in the back of my mind but reality may be a whole nother ball game!!! I guess i will see where i am when i finally get the majority of this weight off! Hate you are having such conflict at work, since we spend a large part of the day there that can be exhauting! I love your description of the girl, i can picture her perfectly and have dealt with a few like that over the years, yeah i think she is overly flaunting and more than innapropriate for a business situation!! My experience has been it usually bites them in the little butt they like to flaunt so much!!!

Tina - glad to hear you are so dedicated to plan again! I am jealous of your cool weather although i have to say it has been a nicer day here than usual. Much less humidity at the moment. I am really liking the new scale just not what it is saying at the moment. I am really contemplating taking some of my prescription water pills again but wonder if some of this is rebound from the last time. Will probably give it till the weekend and then go from there!

FLYBYLouie at it again, hope you can stay longer soon!!!

Kreen - hey girl i got your pm and just haven't made the time to reply, will do that asap, glad to see you here you will love this group!!!! wonderfully supportive people all in the same boat!

Well ladies i am off to tackle the day, lots going on here today so need to get at it! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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