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New Digs...I like it!

I'm Michelle. I am from the 100/1 yr thread-following the rest of the bunch over. Hmmm...about me?? Well, I am 33, divorced, no kids, unless you count the cats-guess you could say I'm one of those "career gals". I am the Bursar at a University in the Chicagoland area, and have worked in Higher Ed for the last 13 years. I absolutely love what I do...

I need to lose about 150lbs. Honestly, I have been heavy my entire life, and have always been fine with that-I was always active, and my weight never really was an issue for me. However, I ended up getting sick last year with a combo of upper respiratory ailments caused by terrible allergies to mold, pollen, grass, etc...(gotta love summer!!) and also had some serious throat/vocal cord issues. My long-dormant asthma flared up because of it, and I just felt miserable-guess then I realized that my weight didn't help the situation any! Long and short of it is that I ended up on steroids for about 6months, gained a bunch of weight, and realized that I felt like an old shoe. I've been off the steroids for about 2 months now, and have slowly started getting back in the swing of things weight-loss wise! I'm a calorie counter, and try to stay around 1800/day. Last fall, I had lost about 40lbs, and felt great, but then ended up on the steroids, and gained it back and then some!

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know all of you...that said, my old friends know that this has been the summer from **** for me, and that school started I am beat! Friday can't get here quick enough...I'm full up on sob stories already-and it's only Monday!!!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone else!

Later gators!
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