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Hi Tina & Robbin!!! Nice to meet you, Stacy! I love your quote by the way, about losing 10 lbs 10 times! Kinda breaks it down to be more do-able!

Anyhow, I'm Shawn, and I, too, am moving here from the 1 yr/100lb club. As you can see from my Join Date of 2002, I've been riding this wave for a while. I always tell myself, "if I had just stuck with it in 2002.....". Somehow, this time feels different.

Anyhow, I'm 32 years old, an accountant, have been married for the past 5 years, and have twin girls that are almost 2 years old. I also have two stepkids that visit every other weekend, ages 10 and 16. When I was pregnant, I got up to around 250, and while breastfeeding got back down to around 210. However, I ended up with what is fondly referred to as "twin skin", which is the sagging loose belly skin. So I figured, in my backwards thinking, that it might look better if I filled it out. LOL. So I ended up back almost at 250, and was miserable. My joints ached, I was tired all the time, and so on... so now I'm back on my journey downwards, and will just have to learn to accept the twinskin. *sigh* Oh, the battlewounds of childbirth, right?

Anyhow, I'm sick today (left work early - have a nasty cough and just feel achy in general), so am gonna go crawl in bed now before I have to pickup the twinks. But just wanted to tell you ladies I found you, and I'm here!!! Talk to you girls later on!
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