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I cook 5pds of gr beef....drain & divide.....then freeze. Do same with meatballs.When cooking chicken,cook a lot...pick meat off bone & freeze....use the strained broth as base for noodle soup.
I keep a plastic grocery sack on the counter for all disposables....peelings,etc.I also fill the sink with hot soapy water& wash pans as I go.
My slo cooker will cook a roast to perfection overnight.The pork roast is then shredded & used in pulled pork swiches....with added barbecue easy! Use a can of NF refried beans to thicken chili
I keep a container of shredded carrot,cabbage ,onion & green pepper in the fridge...all made in my mini food processor..& also used to make bread crumbs.
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