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Thanks Lolow.The HMR at home program seems a bit pricey also but I am getting desperate. I have major issues with portion size-they all seem so tiny and I hate being hungry.I wonder why the shakes are almost $2.00 each?

Did you get some really good info on calculating exercise? I heard someone say they had a unique system. I called and asked the company but they didn't seem to have anything.It was like no matter how long it took to walk a mile,the calorie burn was the same whether it was 50 minutes or 20 minutes.
Tney had different forms of exercise and it seemed very simple. I wished I would have asked more questions but I didn't. This lady also went to the hospital based program.She did fine until maintenance also.
I wonder if the sdame program could be done at home using lean cuisine and slimfast? The HMR price is standing in my way at this time.
Good luck
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