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I had a "workout buddy" a few years ago. We met at a TOPS group, and decided to meet before work at the YMCA. I had a longer commute than she did, so I had to get up at like 5:00 am and it was pretty rough. Since neither of us lived alone, we agreed not to call if one of us couldn't make it, so we wouldn't wake our families.

It wasn't ideal, since sometimes it was very disheartening to get there and not find "our buddy," or one of us would get there late, or one of us wouldn't feel like exercising as much as the other. But I think we were better for each other than we would have been on our own. Would you be more motivated alone (and for how long) or is it just you wish she were more motivating than she is. You might consider adding another person to the "workout club," although that might make it better, might make it worse (if people are tempted not to go because they don't feel like they're leaving a friend in the lurch).

My husband and I are trying to be better influences on each other, rather than provide excuses for each other. In the past, we've tended to fall to the least common denominator, so the worst habits won out. He exercised well and ate poorly, and I ate pretty healthy and was a couch potato. After we married instead of picking up each others better habits, we shared our worst. We're trying to change that, but it's really hard because to be honest, you don't have to be looking for an excuse, you just have to accept it when it presents itself.
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