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Red face Toxic Friends?

I have a friend who is toxic to my weight loss. If I make plans with her to go to the gym she either goes and cuts the workout short or she decides to not go and suggests other things to do. I am not sure if she even realises it. She is not the best with self esteem and constantly puts herself down with the basic "why don't men like me?" "what's wrong with me?" I get kind of dreary around her and am some days struggling myself to keep my head above water. She is a nice person and she has a good heart but I am really not sure if she is a good person to work out with or discuss any diet ideas with. She can find lots of excuses and to tell you the truth I have a lot of my own excuses deep down......but do I need someone else telling me it as well?

Sigh....this journey is hard enough going. I am very grateful to have all of you.

How do you all deal with toxic friends if you have them??
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