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Good Afternoon Ladies

Thanks all for your get well wishes.I'm bursed but no broken bones TG. My left shoulder blade and left lower back are brused badly,but my rump is now ok I can sit again.

Have to be very careful of the foods I eat. My exercising log on the sticky is going to be blank for a while.

Temps are cool but on its way to getting humid again.

RUTH-Have a wonderful vacation and safe trip.

GRASSHOPPER-Sorry your not feeling up to par,I haven't been around,what kind of itching do you have.Could it be hives??Maybe you ate something that caused the itching.

SCHATZI-I made it here even if is early afternoon.

BARB-Try to stay cool in those hot temps. Happy I live in a cooler climate.

PampGal-In the H & H weather is best to eat lite. Menu looks good.

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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