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S/C/G: 88.3/82.30/70 kilos

Height: 160cm


First name Cate

Meaning of user name: explanatory
Geographical location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 31
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: welfare worker/advocate at a University
Pets: 2 lop bunnies, Flossie and Franz (house rabbits, not caged)
Hobbies/Interests: live music, reading crime fiction, collecting vintage fabric, spending time with friends, gardening
Height: 5'3"
Eye/Hair Color: mixed blondey browny reddish
Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: 26/7
Starting Weight/Present/Goal Weight: 88.30/84.60/70 kilos
Problem: Compulsive eating, emotional eating, bored eating, bulimia
Plan/Way of Eating: SURESLIM
Favorite exercise: Sex (bit hard when you're fat and single)
Favorite movies: Ice storm, breaking the waves, revenge of the nerds...
Favorite books: Crime fiction and chick lit and true crime.
Music: Cure, smiths, pulp, mogwai, sonic youth, stereolab...
People I canít stand: hollywood celebrities-so SICK of hearing about Paris Hilton!
Places youíve been: UK, Paris, Guernsey
Places you want to visit: Everywhere, I'm particularly keen to visit Canada and Eastern Europe and Mexico
( i deleted some of the questions I didnt have answers to. I'd love a diet buddy if anyone is interested)...

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