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Default books that encourage whole foods lifestyles

Do you have a favorite book to recommend? Let us know and we'll add to this list.

Whole Foods Companion This revised and expanded edition updates key nutritional information in six categories: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains , Legumes, Nuts, seeds, and oils, Herb, spices, and other foods. Each entry includes nutritional value, general information, buying tips, culinary uses, and, when appropriate, health benefits, lore and legend, by-products, and descriptions of the more popular varieties. In the face of staggering confusion and conflicting claims about the nutritional value of different foods and herbs, this book is a detailed and invaluable guide to natural foods. It is a perfect companion to cookbooks and should be required reading for chefs everywhere. No mere collection of dry nutritional information, Whole Foods Companion also explains the origins and naming of different foods and relays some of the legends and traditions with which they have been associated.

Wellness Foods A to Z Written by an internationally recognized UC Berkeley nutrition expert, this comprehensive encyclopedia covers more than 500 foods—in a quick-reference A to Z format.

What to Eat by Marion Nestle. Nutritionist Nestle's newest volume aims to help the American consumer determine what best to eat to improve or to maintain good health. Pursuing what she hopes is a unique and beneficial approach, she surveys a supermarket on a food-by-food basis, noting for each category what nutritional benefits are claimed and what really are the advantages and dangers in consuming any grocery offering. She documents how food industry concerns have perverted nutritional and origin labeling, dismayed that economics has once more trumped open information.

SuperFoods Rx Steven Pratt's 14 foods that the author says provides the nutrients we need to prevent disease, improve physical and mental functioning, and delay the impairments of old age. We also have many members that have lost weight while following this plan.
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