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Happy Wednesday. It's such a beautiful day. It's too pretty to exercise. Did I say that! I'm just not in the mood but my tummy shows me that exercise is needed.

Susan, are you still among the living??? How is your nose doing?

Tammy, I know you and Bob and Tim are getting excited.

Maureen, have fun on your trip.
Karla, Jennifer, Terry, Christine, etc., etc., etc., where are y'all?????

Sis, when does your daughter start school? Is it after Labor Day? How are you doing weight-wise? How is work????

Mimi, are you still lurking around????? Please post something!
Amy, how are you? Did you get all your school clothes over the No Tax weekend?

I am sure I've left someone out. Please forgive me. Everyone on this thread is important to all of us.

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