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We take Tim to Muncie on Friday at 10:30. He'll be moving in to his regular room since the band is using his dorm and the one next door for band camp. Lucky him! He won't have to move out of that room and into another one a few days later. On Friday, he'll have until 1:30 to work on his room before he goes to the Music building for percussion conditioning, then tryouts later in the evening. We'll be on pins and needles till we hear what he'll be playing.

On many Saturdays we'll be at Ball State because of Football games. We'll be able to see him from a distance. We'll stay overnight, then spend time with him on Sunday before coming home.

As for the challenge, I'd like to see my butterfly move from the 1 to the 4 on my tracker. It isn't much. My doctor told me the other day to start thinking small instead of the BIG picture. A pound a week to lose. I'm going to start taking one of my meds less often because he thinks it might be part of my problem. It's one to help with the pain, and I don't think it really helps that much. I'm still hurting.
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