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Cassi, that is awesome! What a great idea! I carried a 50 pound sack of dog food into the shed the other day and I was all - I can't believe I was packing this much extra stuff around - all the time! That sack was HEAVY, man! The visuals like that are really helpful. I also have a graph that I update every Friday (my official weigh-day, in my mind) and keep on the fridge. It's nice to see that downward trend every time I think I need ice cream!

Lea Ann - so, do you get to wear gym clothes to work, or what? Could you rub it in a little more? I say, as I sit here, at work, in my jammies.....

Princess Heather - sorry 'bout your aches. Kids'll do that to ya! You are just soooo amazing - foster kids, and foster foster kids, foster respite care, and now running other people's kids around? Good golly miss molly! If they gave an amazing woman of the year award, you'd win, hands down.

Ok doke, guess I'd better go shower and then finish up my hockey jersey mess. I am just sick to my stomach - I got the jersey order confirmation from the company we ordered from in late June. I okayed it, and we got our order on Friday. WHAT WAS I THINKING????? I guess I didn't look at specifics, but the summary numbers matched up, so I was good to go. Well, I have waaaay to many small things, not enough big things and now have to pay to ship things back and probably a restocking fee (we're talking HUNDREDS of items here). Probably a $300 error for the hockey association. Yikes. I am just sick about it. I'm hoping I can get it resolved quietly and cheaply, but still.....
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