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Originally Posted by WaterRat
Jayde, I love Asian sticky rice, and while brown rice is good, it just doesn't measure up So if you mix them together is it still sticky? And what about cooking time? Brown rice takes so much longer.
There is short grained brown rice (sticky rice) and long grained (not sticky) mixing short brown and short white rice still makes it sticky. Cooking time though is different so if you are cooking them together say on the stove or in a regular rice cooker, its better to soak the brown rice a bit first. I couldn't advise you on the cooking time as I just push the right buttons on the electric pressure cooker and Whallah.. I have fresh sticky rice in no time.

The pressure cooker is so convenient because I don't have to even soak the brown rice beforehand..I even add a handful of dried beans and they cook up just fine with the rice. It also has a stay warm feature so once it is done, I just stir.. close the lid and I've got warm sticky rice for whenever I want it.

I have some in the rice cooker now... want some?
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