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Ah, I've only just started counting these.

1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1/4 c raspberries (SF) and 1/4 c blueberries (SF)
whole grain wheat toast
1 TBSP natural PB (SF) I'm liking this better all the time BTW, bye-bye Jif

grande nf latte

hard boiled egg

turkey breast (SF) on whole grain wheat with mustard and avocado (SF)

Cameo apple, (edit: this had a large spoiled spot inside - ick! only ate 1/3); wedge of lf cheese

Hmmmm, depends if DH is home or at his yoga class - he was undecided when I left for work. If he's home I'll likely make a chicken stir-fry; if he's gone, I'll finish up the salmon manicotti with a spinach salad.

He'll be gone the rest of the week, which in a way makes meal-planning easier, though it also makes just grazing on junk easier too. Need to plan and hold myself to it!

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