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We have a local place that makes a killer Oriental Chicken Salad. I just ask them to leave the chow mein noodles off. Has grilled chicken, assorted lettuce, raw broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, plus tomatos (depends on the season how good they are) and a hard boiled egg. It's huge! I usually end up not finishing the lettuce, just picking out the chicken and other veggies. Likewise our local Mexican place has some good choices and will let you substitute a lot. There's also a vegetarian soup/salad/wrap place that has some good choices, as long as you avoid the cream soups! The bean wrap is esp good. The salads are all good, but many have too much mayo. The spicy Thai one is yummy though!

We don't have a lot of chain restaurants around here (though Anchorage does, but it's 50 miles) except fast food. At Subway, don't forget, you can have a salad made with any of their ingredients. Ours always has nice fresh spinach as well as chopped up iceberg (ick).

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