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I used to weigh 125-130lbs before I got pregnant (Oct. 2003) the minute the Dr. confirmed I was preggo (literally before I even missed my first period) I used it as an excuse to EAT JUNK, and gained 80lbs, YES, 80lbs - 205 lbs. I breastfed, and that just left me famished and exhausted, so I didn't loose much. October 2004 comes along and I'm pregnant again...when I gave birth I weighed 220lbs ~ from a size 6.... My baby is a little over a year now.

I'm a teacher and my last day of work was 6/28 I weighed 211. I started the phen 7/15 at 203, I weighed myself a week later and was at 196. I'm working out every other day, long walks and the Firm and eating small nutrious meals throughout the day. The phen really helps, if you're under a Dr's care, and take it as an opportunity to clean up your diet and start moving...
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