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Good morning ladies!!!
I'm home from 10 days of travel and it was tough. Started P2 on the road and found it a little frustrating. Add in some family issues and believe me when I tell you my resolve was severely tested. I did make it and lost a few pounds in the process. I do wish that I was smarted and checked out the dining out sticky before I went instead of when I came home to check out if my choices were okay ---lol---.

I went food shopping almost my first minute free so there would be no excuses of no healthy food in the house.

Have a super Monday one and all.

Oh, Scully, by all means post your menu, but as a side note. I have a friend who only lost 2 pounds the first week and stuck with it. Her losses were about 2 each week and she was surprisingly steady with that and lost her 80# and kept it off for a few years now. The Beach works. Don't worry about the numbers as much as sticking to the beach. If you work the plan it will work for you. Keep us posted.


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