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That cut is so cute and chic... Go fer it!
Louren: to the dailies!
Scully: yes! Post yer daily menu here and lets see if we can help ya.. also weighting yerself everyday just sets you up fer feelin frustrated, mad, euphoric, ..I know it's hard but try not to weigh everyday..
Ruth: hope H is having a good day....
Cottage: enjoy yer day! What a buzzzy weekend!

Just got back from taking a neighbor for some tests...

I am sooooo bloody sore today..Instead of buying fitness tapes, I've been taping shows off of Fit Tv.. and well this dude Gilaed is a SADIST!!! My quads are so crampy today.. !
Yesterday Landlordess and I were chatting on the front porch in the morning and she heard shouting ! "who is yer DH yelling at" she asked... "ah just the TV, it must be "Meet the Press" time :lol2: so in the afternoon, she came over to return a bowl, while I was in the bedroom gettin my arse whooped by Gilad.. I'm cussin him out, saying "You do One more!" You su*k" and You are Killing me!!!! DH and Landlord open the bedroom door and proceed to laugh at me! landlord says, You two are NUTS !
Today I had a Berry Smoothie for breakfast, tossed salad with chicken for lunch, Bean salad and BBQ chicken for dinner!

Ok gotta git on with my day.... and I will get on that Dreadmill (hmm, after a couple of Alieve )
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