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Originally Posted by Jayde
Question! Pratt added these Superfoods to the list in the second book. Are they sidekicks for an already established category or are they Superfoods on their own?

apples,avocado,beans,cinnamon,dates,extra virgin olive oil,garlic,honey,kiwi,yogurt,onions,and pomegrantes (should also include dark chocolate).

I don't know why beans is here... I lifted this from Amazon.
I think they're in there because of the way Pratt divided the second book into seasons and mixed old and new super foods in each chapter. The person reviewing included some new super foods in the old group and some old super foods in the new group (beans and yogurt are incorrectly added to the new group, whereas dark chocolate is added to the old group).

They are super foods in their own right (they have their own sidekicks). If someone has the second book, it would be great if they could add the new super groups and their side kicks to the list.

Personally, I love all the foods on the second list and actually bought some dark, buckwheat honey after reading the second book. But, for me personally, I already had a system of counting the 14 original super foods and wasn't really interesting in a goal of eating honey and dark chocolate every day (not that I don't like them and think they are good for you). I love pomegranates, but the fruit is very seasonal (available in the winter) and I'm not into drinking calories so pomegranate juice is out. I already eat plenty of onions, garlic and olive oil. I have started adding more guacamole when I go to Qdoba or Chipotle! I like apples, but they aren't my favorite fruit and kiwi are just kinda weird - fuzzy, seedy and squishy.

So, I decided not to count them, although I do think about them.
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