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Rkrs – I think it helps to remember that BEFORE you would easily have eaten MORE cake! And, if you feel you didn’t want to eat the cake, try to figure out why you did it so you can avoid that problem in the future. I’m a big believer in being reflective about our “mistakes” and not beating ourselves up about them, but learning from them.

Jill -- Keep the faith with the stairs. A good friend of mine regularly walks up 4 floors at work. She says she still gets winded at the top BUT, has noticed her recovery time is much lower! Maybe that’s something else to focus on.

I do the same thing with you with the groceries. Maybe it’s from all my years of apt living, but I try to bring as many groceries in one trip as possible! I will say that weight lifting seems to have improved my abilities there…

And YAY on the cooking instead of pizza!!! That’s a great NSV!!

Vicki – GOOD TO SEE YOU!!! Regarding your current situation, I know no details, but all I can advise is to listen to your heart, and try not to let your fear of the unknown make a decision for you.

You have come so far! I want to be the first to welcome you to ONEDERLAND, WHEN (not IF) you get here!!!!!

Misti – Pay no attention to the scale!!!!!! You know that scale is , right? It is trying to make you give up! Maybe you are retaining water from the eating out??? No matter what the reason, remember your goals are not tied to the scale but to your abilities. And you set no timeline. You are getting smaller, you can do more. That’s what’s important – not some stupid number on a stupid scale. You are kicking FFM butt and you know it!!

I am experimenting with baking again – I’m going to try some muffin recipes to try to give us some less processed snacking options and maybe some more protein! Last night I also made a huge batch of turkey chili… so I didn’t get in much exercise. Oh well, I guess I can’t do it all, huh?

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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