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Hi EVERYONE!! Gosh it is so nice to meet everyone on here. I have had a great time getting to know some of you....please IM if you need support!! I am at alison43229 on yahoo.

Well I weighed in on sunday and lost 3.8 Pounds, for a grand total of 17.4 pounds. I have been doing this now for 4 weeks on WW, and I have to tell you I feel so much better, I don't have the belly aches or feel so slugish. They say that it takes 21 days to get into a habit(or to train yourself) I have been really good.....I hope I have accomplished that!! lol

I have been very good and just saying NO! to the different foods I have been encountering lately, but I get so much support from this board that it makes me feel proud and good when I can come back here and share it!! So THANK YOU!!!!!

I hope EVERYONE does good this week....weither you stay on track, OP, lose weight or lose inches, or just for being here and putting in the effort!!!

Thanks again!!!!
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