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Good Morning All,

I have just finished cleaning my kitchen and descaling my iron and at 11 am it is already too hot to do any more work. The ironing will have to wait until tonight when it is cooler.

Rkrs - thanks for the congrats on my weight loss last week. Much appreciated

I hear you on the not calling it a diet, but you know what, when you think about it everybody has a diet. Some have a low fat/low cal one so that they can lose weight/get healthy, some have a diet of junk food etc. So really it's ok to call it a diet I know what you mean though, thinking of it as a lifestyle change, committing to healthy eating etc. So yes I can see where you would be disappointed that you ate that slice of cake. But, as I said in a previous post, in days gone past you would have eaten a lot more than that, so you still made a healthy choice. If you keep denying yourself a treat now and then you may end up resenting your diet and ending up having a huge binge. You know how the saying goes, a little bit of what you fancy does you good

Jill - oh yes my new meds have really helped me. I can't say I don't have depression, because I do, hence the meds, but I am not down all the time like I used to be. That as well as being able to stay out of bed is making life so much better for all of us. I am a nice, happy mum and wife now, not a moody so and so that my family had to tip toe around before for fear of me going of on a rant etc!!

WOW what a shocker the amount of money you have to pay if you want to keep a pet where you live. Still if you can afford it, which you will be able to when you pay off some debt, then I am sure you will love it when you get a kitten. It's still scandalous that you will have increased rent!!

How are things with you and your BF now? Still good I hope Good on you for turning down the offer of pizza, I know how hard that is to do. I LOVE PIZZA

Vicki - hello and welcome back I am really sorry to hear that you have been having such a hard time of things in your personal life, and I am so PROUD of you for not hitting the food for comfort!!! You have come so far with your weight loss already, you are so wise not to let troubles in your life drive you back up the scales

I am no agony aunt or anything, and I don't know the full details of what's been going on with you and your BF. But the fact you told me that he is with some wench of course tells me that he has been/is being unfaithful. If I were you I would do what you are thinking of, dump him. Personally I think if a man has been unfaithful once he can do it again no matter how remorseful he is, and I would never have peace of mind whenever we were apart. BUT that's me. I know others who think that the love they feel for the 'cheater' is enough to forgive them and try to keep the relationship, and for some of them it works. It's just not for me. I hope that whatever you decide to do you will be alright

Angie - you know what? It is a pretty fabulous thought that when your ticker is showing the brilliant loss of 50 lbs, mine might be inching towards a 100 lbs loss. It seems so impossible, but I know it isn't, I am going to get there, and so are you!! Thanks for putting that thought in my head, it makes me smile!

Sassy - glad to hear that you think the work drama will be resolved. I bet you wish you could be a fly on the wall to watch your manager once he gets to the person he is on the warpath to

Have you tried the WATP DVD yet? I have an old video of it, but must admit I wasn't very impressed with it. Give me my Gazelle Rider any day

Melissa - how did your WI go, I hope you saw your -2 result or better

Oh I didn't like just some of your photos I liked them ALL, it's just that the ones I mentioned were my faves Can't wait to see the ones you take at the Cavalcade.

Misti - I definitely think that any weight gain you have will be muscular, or that stupid water weight. How can it be fat?? You are eating properly and exercising daily, it's definitely not fat. Don't be discouraged, focus on what you said about how you are in much smaller clothes now rather than what the scales say. I have said it before and I will say it again, give me an NSV over a scale one any day

Sharon - I enjoyed seeing the pics of Steve and the boys He's quite the looker, now if only he could be nicer and stop the name calling I would be most impressed

Am still dying to see the photos of you with red hair, how much longer are you going to keep us in suspense

It's really too hot to do much today isn't it? I was going to do my ironing when I descaled it, but phew, no way. Am much happier in front of my air cooler Time enough for housework when the weather cools down which it is supposed to be doing towards the end of the week.

Okie dokie, think I am going to get some exercising done now before it gets much hotter, if I put the fan on me I can cope Take care all and bye for now,



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