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Dolphin girl, I remember you having similar probs with your guy before. I hope you realise how special you are and that you deserve the respect & love you give to be returned. I am here for you, as I bet; everyone else is, if you need a moan pm me or just post. YOU ARE DOING SO WELL NOT LETTING THIS BE A REASON TO GAIN WEIGHT!!!! You have lost so much weight, be proud of yourself & your achievements!
Jilly that is awful that your landlord can charge extra for pets, do they charge more if you have kids? Coz I bet a baby or small kid makes loads more mess than any cat or dog!!
Misti, I bet the heat is doing it to you, I find I swell up loads no matter how much water I drink when it's hot. Could it be to do with TOM or other 'woman stuff'? If you are being good it CAN'T be a 'real' gain.
Ammi I will try & post a couple of pics of Steve on the pics page NOW I KNOW HOW TO DO IT, lol!!! I am so jealous of your weight loss, but in a good way!
RKS WOW, I never realised how much you have lost so far, one piece of cake isn't going to do that much damage after all the work & committment you have already put in.
I have to go & hang washing out, I'm debating whether to go into town now whilst it's still reasonably cool or do some housework first but it will be REALLY hot after lunch when I'm done.

Start of Lap-Band Diet (pre/post op)
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