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Hello Ladies - Been really busy preparing for my Sea Calvalcade booth, I just noticed I missed a whole thread!!! Well, I can't catch up on personals now - but congrats to all the "losers" and to those who need it! Got in over 2.6 miles today - 6256 of my steps - woo hoo! Got some more - 46!! - pictures developed today...makes a total of around 150 photos! I'm really excited - I'm actually proud of something...some of my photos are - if I may say so - so beautiful...I can't believe I took them!! I will take and post pics of Sea Calvalcade for anyone who is interested to see. Weigh-in is tomorrow...I'm hoping for the usual -2, but I'm only 1.5 away from I'd take that!! Well I'm off for now...I couldn't even begin to pick up for personals, lol. But, a big TY to Ammi for the feedback - I'm glad you liked some of my pics!
Have a good one everybody, and stay OP chickies!!

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