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Kim, we have some things in common! I am trying to lose the same weight range for my birthday in December (31st) and I have a 16 year old son. I also have an autoimmune disease like you, but mines rheumatoid arthritis. I saw a rheumatologist last week and I'm on some medicines now but that shouldn't affect my weight (I hope ). Anyway, the PA I saw said I need to be getting some of this weight off and my general doctor has said the same.

I'm 5'4" and weigh around 180. I do really well on slimfast, but I've been doing some junk food eating lately and it sure is making me bloated and pudgy! I just finished my morning slimfast and I'm determined to stay on course this time. It's too darned hot to be this heavy. I notice I can't handle the heat nearly as well as I did when I was thinner.

Deb, GREAT JOB on staying the same! It's tough when you're away from home. I think that is my biggest challenge. I'm renting a house about 75 miles away and I'll be away from the internet from the first part of August until the end of August. My son has some daily classes and work up there and it's way too expensive to drive back and forth. We're thinking of getting a notebook so maybe I can get wifi at some of the cyber cafes. Don't know if I'll have it by then or not.
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