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I just wanted to say something about those stupid doctors not allowing you to drink! When I was in Hawaii and had to have my appendix out I was sooo thirsty! It took me like two days (maybe 3) to go to the hospital and for that whole time all I did was drink water water water! Anyway when I went the hospital and they took my appendix out and I woke up SOOO thirsty I could of drunk a lake. I have never felt so thirsty in my life - I thought I was going to die! I asked for water and they wouldn't give it to me, they gave me this stupid wet sponge in a glass to suck on - I mean HOW GROSS and it only made it worse! Anyway I took the little sip of water that was in the cup and they yelled at me! I was sooo mad haha $20k to stay there and I can't even have a glass of water, pffftt! Thank god for travel insurance!

Anyway just thought I would share.
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