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Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The temperature has dropped some more and it's a definitely winter coat day here! I am a tad bit nervous as it gets dark. In our local paper there was an article about an "intruder" who just rings the doorbell and if he sees some movement in the house, he will take off, or else he waits until dark and then walks right on in. Evidently he is after money because that is what he has taken. One family was watching TV in their basement family room and heard the footsteps upstairs. No one bothered to go up and check because they thought one of their kids had come home. He took some Christmas gifts that were under the tree. DH is out of town for a two day meeting; I think I will leave some lights on all night tonight!

Gloria -- your Sunday sounds like a fun one! I hope the weather cooperates for you. I love to go see what other people make as I'm not at all creative. Your daughter must be so organized to have her Christmas get together along with trying to sell her house. I don't suppose there is much house hunting during the holidays though. I always have good intentions and even buy the ingredients but never seem to get it all put together for one time. One year I made Christmas cookies for New Year's! The year we moved here we thought we would be moving in Dec. so I didn't send any Christmas cards. We ended up moving in Jan. so I sent Valentines and got a lot of positive feedback.

Well, guess I will go and check the garage walk in door to be sure it is locked -- I hate this! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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