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Well, we are also starting a cooler, rainier few days. I know we need the rain but hoping it clears up by Sunday. That is going to be a busy day. We are having our town 'Stroll' from 3 to 6 and at the same time the Gardener's Guild will be hosting an open house at one of the newer homes in town from 1 to 3. The members form committees and decorate a room each. The houses are usually very large and most have two staircases so people can go up one and down the other. DD#1 is in the Gardener's Guild but this year is working the Bazaar associated with the open house. They sell all kinds of home made Christmas crafts and dried floral arrangements as well as coffee and goodies. Naturally we will be attending both.

JEAN I think it is your weather we are about to get. Maybe it won't be freezing by the time it gets here. DD is also on the board of directors of a retirement community. We will be having our Christmas dinner on the 13 th at one of the area's nicest restaurants. Then DD#2 is having her annual Christmas bash on the 16th. She started cooking for this the day after Thanksgiving. I thought because she was trying to sell her house she would not have it this year but no she is going for it. She has already hired the 'Santa Claus
that she first had. He is the best! Started bringing up some decorations from storage in the basement and I think I will just do a little each day and maybe I will be through by Sunday.

LORRAINE I know what you mean about people forgetting how to drive in bad weather from one year to the next. It also happens here and it doesn't have to be bad weather to bring out the worst in some drivers. Thankfully we were not on the roads over the Thanksgiving holiday as it was one of the worst travel days in our area. Traffic was backed up for 5 to 10 miles around some interchanges. I just watched it on TV.

Gloria in MA.....heading off to watch some TV before bed.

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