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Hi Maggies:

We had another beautyful day today. We were up near 80, with a nice breeze. We finished putting up the outside decorations and now it is time for the inside. It is a good thing we decided to do the outside first, because tomorrow night they are predicting freezing rain. almost 80, and by Wednesday, we won't get above 30!!!!! It will be nice decorating the inside when it is cold outside.

Jean: I know what you mean about driving people who don't know how to drive in bad weather. I am from the north, so I have a little experience in driving on snow and ice.....but down here, they have no idea how to drive on it at all. They still seem to think they can do 75 on the interstate and be able to control their car. I am worried about driving to school on Wednesday. They are saying we could get some freezing rain and snow...maybe they will cancel school, or start later.

Gloria: It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully you don't have a bad winter.

Well I need to get the kids out of the tub and into bed.
Tomorrow we go back to school, so it is the school schedule for tonight.

Have a great Monday Maggies!!
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