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Good Evening, Flowers!
It's turning colder as I type and they have changed the weather forecast to freezing rain tonight. I hope not but if it does, I hope we have a late start for school in the morning. I hate driving when everyone else is trying to get to work and aren't used to the winter driving conditions yet.

Gloria -- Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family! When our kids were little I used to hide gifts in luggage or if it was something really big, we would take it to the neighbors. They never figured that out as far as I know.
I didn't do any more decorating today so it will probably be next weekend before I do. I caught up on laundry and newspapers; Beth stayed long enough to watch a football game with her dad. She doesn't have cable so she was enjoying all of the different games that were on over the long weekend. So the house is quiet again -- too quiet. My scratchy throat is gone and I am a happy camper about that!

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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