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It is unseasonably warm but we will take it. People in the neighborhood had been doing last minute touch-up painting, (windows, stairs, etc) which is something we could not do in a normal fall because the temperature would be too cold. My, my does this mean a real cold, snowy winter. Although I hope not I do realize we do need the moisture!

Jean Hope you will be feeling better soon. It is too soon in the season to start having colds. It is nice to spread the holiday over a couple of days. Usually it comes and goes so fast! We went to DD#2 and it was the usual fun time. She even ran a treasure hunt after dinner and the kids, 8 in all, had a ball. Because the weather held up she was able to hide clues both inside and outside. She had scratch tickets on the lottery for prizes and the kids ate it up.

JEAN You are ahead of me with the decorations. I won't put up the tree until next week but today I put together the package of gifts for NC. We will mail it this week. It is good to get that done early. After the tree is up I will start wrapping so as the gifts are done I can put them under the tree. Storage is a problem. Right now they are piled on the beds in the spare room under a sheet. No GK us allowed upstairs for the next week or so.

Been a busy day and now I need to think of gettin food on the table. I think it will be a quickie meal....maybe frozen food!!!

Gloria in MA....going to the kitchen to mess around.
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