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Been there a zillion times...there right now! I have been going to It Figures 3 days a week, and walking 3 days a week for 2 1/2 months now, will be the end of this week. Except for last week. I was so frustrated I thought what is the point? I have lost one pound, gained it back and lost it and have been stuck here at 201 forever! It is killing me...I almost quit last week because on the days I go to It Figures (it's like Curves, or the same thing) I added a 1-2 mile walk to my day and still...WI Monday I am at 201. I have been told too that muscle weighs more than fat but come on...I am working my butt off, (well I wish I was) and it seems for nothing. But ya know what? It is for something...for my health. Sure I want to lose pounds instead of inches but it is all about me being healthy and so I go on. I refuse to give up when I've worked so hard. I may not have lost any weight, yet...but I know eventually it has to and will come off. So ignore the scales...if you know you are working out that's all that matters. Just keep on truckin' and eventually the scales will move downward.
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