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You girls have been busy since I was last here--I took notes so I think I got it,

Sassy--there is a spot about 15 minutes away that has a view of WV,VA,PA & MD. Sounds like you and Angelia would have alot of fun at the Stampede....

Angelia--You are so active and have so much fun stuff to do!!! That Stampede sounds fun!! My DD has been to a couple of rodeos.

Michele ma belle--your haircut is so cute!! My stepsister had the opposite feeling about being a size 0-1 and having to shop in the kids section for clothes--she hated it! She said she wanted grown up clothes especially since she had two kids!! She's 53 and a size 3--she tried many doctor regulated diets to gain and never could. She gets tired of people thinking she is anorexic because she does eat--a lot. My Aunt Lena was 4'11' and a size 0-1--she used to go to the upscale stores in the Orlando FL area and examine clothes --always carried a little sketchbook--she was an excellent seamstress and made her own clothes and always wore matching colorful bangles bracelets which I have and my daughter actually wear some of them.

Jane--I love the Temptations too--my Mom is a big soft jazz fan. SHe also likes big band--Christmas I got her three cd's the Arthur Miller Band (I think I have that right), and two best of compliations--one of Tom Jones and the other Barry manilow--my brother got her a couple of jazz ones. She loves her 5 disc cd changer--she puts it so it mixes it up and enjoys.

Marti--I am going to try Jane's recipie next weekend and maybe make one for the bake sale we are doing for my coworker that is still out--her skin graft was yesterday. She has alot of out of pocket expenses. The bake sale has to keep the "Road to Wellness" program they are trying to do at work. I am making fresh salsa to put into small containers and adding a sandwich baggie of baked lowfat tortilla chips. Jane's pie complete with WW points given by the piece maybe another good thing to do.

Hi to Sue & Katiecat & Robin--and anyone else who is looking!!
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