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Talking Howdy Ladies!

Holy Moly! I almost had the big one there! lol. I went to post my message into #197 and then it said, "Sorry this is closed" Luckily it "saved" it when i went back! lolllllllllllllllll. So anyways, I made it over to #198!

Howdy Ladies! *Need a Little Cowgirl Smiley here* lol

Angela - Thanks I have many more pics too, I just need to get my behind in gear and scan them into the computer! lol. Glad you got through today with THAT woman. lol. "WWWWaaaaahooo let me mosey up to the bar and fetch me a drink. Wwwooooooo Doggies" Just chiming in on your theme. Very cute. lollllllll. Awwwww new prepared for it to "shed" for a while..........when we had new carpet, every time we vacuumed it was like I was giving the carpet a hair cut. lol.

Marti - Glad you feel better, sometimes we all just got to get things off our chests to be able to "breathe" easier. Yeah well I've cut my own before and had my youngest step sister cut it when she was still in cosmotolgy (sp??) school so figured if I could "bare" that then this chicky should be a snap. OMG and she was too cute. Kept on asking me after every single cut, "you sure its okay? you sure you like it?" lolllll. But Yeah Its time for a "grown up" to cut my hair now. lolllllllllllllll Maybe this time I can sit in the grown up chair and not on the "horsey"

Hi everybody else! Hope your day/night went well for ya.

"Life is a journey, you hold the map." ~Author Unknown
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